All our drivers and forklift-operators regularly attend advanced training courses. This vital aspect in today’s operating conditions has given us the proud reputation of being leaders in the efficient, safe and undamaged delivery of your goods. Our policy of training, staff care, and development, allows us to employ top drivers and crew, and has resulted in a loyal staff that will strive to provide you and your customers with professionalism and courtesy.


The recent legislation of democratic South Africa had to overcome a legacy of discrimination with regard to race, gender and disability that had denied access to education, employment, promotion and wealth creation during the apartheid years.  Training is therefore vital to rectify the imbalances that exist in the workforce. One such act being the Skills Development Act No. 97 of 1998 aiming to:

  • improve the level of investment in educating and training in the workforce

  • use the workplace as a learning environment

  • encourage employees to take part in learnership and skills training programmes

  • improve employment opportunities of disadvantaged people

  • ensure quality training and education in the workplace

In answer of this government request Anderson Transport initiated our driver training facility.  Applicants are recruited and go through a selection process.  A full SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis is done for each individual whereafter the successful individuals start their official training at this facility.  The school is fully accredited by the TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority) and are aiming to:

  • safeguard other road-users with reliable, skilful truck drivers

  • look after the interest of our clients by rendering the best possible service, be on time and have drivers that do the freight-paperwork impeccably.

  • protect our company basis and in effect lowering expenses by doing proper pre-trip inspections and be able to sort out smaller on-road break-downs themselves.

Again and again .... we set the standard !
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